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A family is shaken to the core when they discover their son has been molested. As they struggle to deal with the betrayal, their son heads towards a total mental collapse because of his love for his abuser, while his abuser attempts to exorcise his own past demons. The film stars Irma P. Hall ("The Ladykillers", "Collateral"), Eugene Lee ("Lackawanna Blues", "Coach Carter") and newcomers Mikala Gibson, Shelton Jolivette and Jordan Cooper.


Director(s): Ya'Ke Smith

Executive Producer(s): Ya'Ke Smith, Ralph Lopez

Producer(s): Ya'Ke Smith, Ralph Lopez, Derek Lee Nixon

Screenwriter(s): Ya'Ke Smith

Cinematographer: Yuta Yamaguchi

Editor(s): Ya'Ke Smith

Production Designer: Nicco Vasquez

Sound Designer: Greg Armstrong

Music: Micah Hayes

Additional Credits: Associate Producer: Kurt Wehner, Co-Producers: Kight Haberer, Debra Sugerman, Assistant Director: Chris Duffau, Costume Designer: Janice Janacek

Principal Cast: Irma P. Hall, Mikala Gibson, Jordan Cooper, Shelton Jolivette, Eugene Lee

Director Bio


Ya’Ke Smith's films have screened and won awards at over 80 film festivals. He is the recipient of a Director’s Guild of America Student Film Award, an HBO Short Film Award and a Black Reel Award, among others. His latest short "Katrina's Son" was eligible for the 2012 Academy Award.


Public Film Contact

Ya'Ke Smith
Exodus Filmworks
210 363-2791


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