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Scarlet Road


Impassioned about freedom of sexual expression, Australian sex worker Rachel Wotton has become highly specialized in working with clients with disability. Rachel’s philosophy, that human touch and sexual intimacy can be the most therapeutic aspects to our existence, is making a dramatic impact on the lives of her clients. While Rachel’s clients give a glimpse into their sexual self-discovery, Scarlet Road follows Rachel as she strives to increase awareness and access to sexual expression for people with disability. The depth, humor and passion in this documentary will transform the way you see sex workers and people with disabilities forever.


Director(s): Catherine Scott

Producer(s): Pat Fiske

Cinematographer: Catherine Scott / Bonnie Elliot

Editor(s): Andrea Lang ASE

Sound Designer: Digital City Studios

Music: Antony Partos / David McCormack

Director Bio


Catherine Scott is Director/Co-producer of Scarlet Road. She has been making films for over 20 years including Selling Sickness, Business Behind Bars, Breathless, Drawing the Line at Pittston, Who’s Afraid of the Little Yellow School Bus?, Lock Down USA and the series, The Gulf Crisis TV Project.


Distributor: Women Make Movies

Sales Agent: Women Make Movies

Public Film Contact

Kristen Fitzpatrick
Women Make Movies
212 925 0606
462 Broadway, Ste 500
New York


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