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The Source



It’s 1971 and communes and new religions are on the rise. The Source Family are an "Aquarian tribe," a secretive but outlandish group of 140 beautiful young people who stroll Los Angeles in colorful robes, devotees of “Father Yod,” a controversial restaurateur-turned-spiritual leader with fourteen wives and his own psychedelic rock band. The Family lives in a mansion and operates a popular restaurant on the Sunset Strip, serving vegetarian cuisine to musicians and movie stars, pioneering a national trend. But their radical lifestyle instigates the authorities. Their demise is dramatic and painful, but Yod’s spirit lives on.


Director(s): Jodi Wille, Maria Demopoulos

Executive Producer(s): Braxton Pope, Michael DeLuise, TriCal Entertainment

Producer(s): Jodi Wille, Maria Demopoulos, Holly Becker, Amaryllis Knight

Cinematographer: John Tanzer

Editor(s): Jennifer Harrington

Music: The Source Family

Additional Credits: Editor: Claire Didier, Co-Producer: Adam Parfrey, John Tanzer, Associate Producer: Isis Aquarian

Director Bio

Jodi Wille is a filmmaker and book editor known for collaborating with individuals who have amassed personal archives that document American subcultures.

Maria Demopoulos directs television commercials and integrated media. Her brand campaigns have included Sephora, Sony, Levis, Mandalay Bay. "The Source" is her first feature film.


Public Film Contact

Holly Becker


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