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Leave Me Like You Found Me



After a year of heartbreak and loneliness, Erin and Cal have forgotten enough of each other's flaws to get back together. They take what they hope will be a romantic camping trip in Sequoia National Park. Alone in the majestic landscape, they begin to revisit their past relationship. As cracks start to show each is left wondering whether the other has changed enough to make it work this time.


Director(s): Adele Romanski

Producer(s): Taylor Feltner

Screenwriter(s): Adele Romanski

Cinematographer: James Laxton & Jay Keitel

Editor(s): Nicole West & Adele Romanski

Sound Designer: J.M. Davey & Zach Seivers

Music: William Ryan Fritch

Principal Cast: Megan Boone, David Nordstrom

Director Bio


"Leave Me Like You Found Me" is Adele Romanski's first stab at directing. Her producing credits include David Robert Mitchell's "The Myth of the American Sleepover" and Katie Aselton's "The Freebie" and "Black Rock". Adele is a 2010 Sundance Creative Producing fellow and Independent Spirit Award nominee.


Sales Agent: George M. Rush

Public Film Contact

Taylor Feltner


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