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Relevance of Metadata: Film Discovery and Profit

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If you want your film to be found and relevant on the web, it needs to be processed by search engines. The problem is that search engines don't understand video (only text) so textual metadata must be provided such as title, actors, synopsis, awards, etc.

In order to deepen a film's engagement with the web, each frame of your film can be tagged with textual descriptions of the people, places, dialogue, music, actions, brands, etc. present in that frame. Several major studios are involved in projects to aggregate this metadata or deep frame tagging to help reinvigorate consumer interest and perhaps monetize their content.

In this workshop, we'll explore the power of metadata in existing content and the different ways in which filmmakers can engage brands and consumers alike. As leaders in both the technology and entertainment space, the workshop will give the audience a glimpse into the ways in which technology, advertising, and entertainment are joining forces to enhance and integrate both the millions of film moments in our collective memory and the new works being created every year. Attendees will learn how making the right metadata decisions at each stage will help the project's distribution success.


Oren Nauman CEO AnyClip Media Ltd

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