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Make a BTS Web Series and Survive

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Join the filmmakers of Rising from Ashes, the subjects of BTS, for a discussion on the power of a behind the scenes web series to support your film. What happens when you stop marketing and use the medium to inspire and educate?

Zacuto Films presents “BTS” a new web series that goes behind-the-scenes to document the making of a film. In this ""Documentary About Making Documentaries,” the Zacuto Films production team travels to Rwanda to follow Director T.C. Johnstone, Producer Greg Kwedar and their entire film crew during the last 18-days of filming “Rising From Ashes: a film about Rwandan's first national cycling team.” The new webisodic series “bts” produced by Steve Weiss, Jens Bogehegn, Scott Lynch and Greg Kwedar captures the moments, the misses and what it really takes to put a film together. “There’s intense logistics,” says Kwedar. “There are motorcycles, follow-vehicles, helicopters and camera guys riding backwards on motorcycles.” BTS: making two separate films, on one location.



MODERATOR TC Johnstone Dir Gratis 7 Media Group

MODERATOR Greg Kwedar Yarn Creative

Greg Kwedar is a writer, director, and producer who recently built a picnic table, the legs are at 22 degree angles.

Sean McCormick Owner Sean The Sound Guy

My name’s Sean McCormick, aka Sean the Sound Guy. I’m an Austin, Texas-based production sound mixer who’s equipped for film, television and commercials. I’ve worked as a location sound guy all over the US as well as the UK and Rwanda. I'm also a VO talent/producer and a drummer as well.

Jacob Hamilton Filmmaker

What's attracted him to the art film is its power to touch hearts, harness emotions, and inspire actions. With that in mind, he has spent much of his time helping non-profit organizations develop quality media to serve the less fortunate. Since then he's shot a multitude of international documentaries, short films, and commercials for clients such as Verizon, the PGA, and the Air Force.

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