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Shoot, Share, Repeat: Capture History in Real Time

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In the past 10 years, the advent of social photography has transformed the way we document history. Anyone with a smart phone can take pictures & share them with social networks in real-time, bypassing media gatekeepers to create a new type of living history.

News media outlets have tapped into this power by employing content generated by these “phonojournalists,” to extend their reach beyond traditional means. The immediacy & intimacy of this approach resonates with people in powerful ways. One need only to look at images captured during the Occupy Wall Street protests or the Arab Spring uprisings to see how this disruptive technology can be used to inspire change.

While social photography satisfies our appetite for real-time, all-access content, it presents significant challenges for existing media models. Join Getty Images CEO Jonathan Klein as he discusses how the shift towards social photography is transforming the way we consume media, and what we can do to embrace the change.


Jonathan Klein Getty Images

Jonathan Klein is co-founder and CEO of Getty Images, a leading media company powering communications globally with imagery, music, video and multimedia. Recognizing exceptional content, innovative technologies and new business models, he transformed Getty Images into one of the most successful digital media companies. Jonathan was recognized by Fast Company’s “Fast 50” as a leader who “will change the way we work and live” and topped American Photo’s “100 Most Important People in Photography.

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