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DSLR Gear: Film Production in a Carry-On (Or Two)

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The Bui Brothers have traveled around the world shooting on DSLRs for the last three years, starting with the Nikon D90 (the first video-capable DSLR) then quickly moving on to shoot the first US nation-wide TV commercial on the 5D mark II. They have used these cameras in video production since they were released and have evolved their gear bags to contain the best and most efficient DSLR gear. This workshop will cover all of the DSLR gear and accessories that they use on location shoots. They travel light, even with local shoots and will talk about all of the necessary gear for shooting efficiently...even things that don't fit in the carry-on but will make your shoot go smoother and easier.



MODERATOR Lan Bui Brother The Bui Brothers

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Vu Bui Brother The Bui Brothers

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