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Tweaking Your Living Room to Director Standards

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In the theater, films are optimized to ensure that viewers experience exactly what the director intended. However, when consumers experience the same film at home, that intention is often lost due to how the playback settings have been configured on consumer electronics devices.

Due to the variety and number of devices used at home – including DVD and Blu-ray players, TVs, AV receivers, game consoles and sound systems – consumers are overwhelmed with the number of playback setting choices and are forced to navigate through a plethora of remotes and menus to try to configure the optimal experience.

With each film having different ideal settings, how can a consumer be expected to select the desired ones, just as the director intended? This presentation will discuss the importance of bridging the gap between the director’s intent and the consumer experience, and how companies like THX are helping to enhance and simplify the home theater experience through technology.


MODERATOR Chris Armbrust Technical Program Dir THX Ltd

As Technical Program Director at THX Ltd., Chris Armbrust’s role is to drive the THX Media Director technology into the marketplace. Armbrust is responsible for the development of specifications, prototypes and implementation of the technology throughout the entire THX Media Director ecosystem, from content creation to consumer devices.

Prior to THX, Armbrust held positions at leading companies including Hewlett-Packard and Technicolor. He also co-authored two books on Blu-ray discs.

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