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The Power of Super 8 Film

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From a format that was invented to shoot home movies in the 1960’s, Super 8 filmmaking continues to grow as an irreplaceable production medium to filmmakers who want to demonstrate “analog filmmaking” in a digital era.

The Power of Super 8 Film will give you the inside skinny on how filmmakers can take modern film stocks, rebuilt and modified Super 8 cameras, and the very best scanning equipment in the industry and create timeless, organic Super 8 images in HD quality. See examples of 35mm theatrical releases, music videos, cutting edge weddings, independent films and more all using modern Super 8 workflows.

Whether you are new to filmmaking, been around for awhile shooting on the Red, a wedding videographer who has thought about shooting some Super 8 at your next gig, a film school graduate who never actually shot on film, or someone who has taken the journey before and needs an update, this session is for you.


MODERATOR Phil Vigeant Pres/CEO Pro8mm

Phil Vigeant has centered his professional career pushing Super 8 to its max potential. Among his numerous accomplishments, he is best known for inventing hybrid products such as Super 8 negative film, 16x9 camera gate modifications and crystal sync sound for the professional use of Super 8 filmmaking. His company, Pro8mm, serves as a worldwide resource for hundreds of professional projects using Super 8 film in HD quality for television, motion pictures, music videos, commercials, independent features, documentaries, and archiving of legacy footage.

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