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The Not So Sexy Side Of Music For Film & TV

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You have songs in your film that you need to license, but you have no idea how to get a quote, who to ask, and where to go. Sound familiar? Nowadays, independent filmmakers have to wear many hats, and understanding the basics of music licensing are a must. Whether you are submitting a project to festivals, streaming online or seeking distribution, music clearance is essential (YES, even if the artist says it’s OK).

In the world of licensing music for Film & TV, the sexy side, or creative side, seems to get a lot of the attention whereas the not-so-sexy side, or the business side, is somewhat daunting and unfamiliar. This panel will focus on making the business side of music in film more sexy and appealing. The panelists will discuss the many issues that one can encounter when clearing and licensing music, including: best practices to follow, avoiding disputes, resolving misunderstandings and possible legal action, and all of the paperwork required for your deliverables package.


MODERATOR Dominique Preyer Music Supervisor Hear It-Clear It Music Supervision

Dominique is an experienced music supervisor with over 50 feature, short, documentaries and TV project credits. Dominique has an in-depth knowledge of music clearance & licensing, copyright law, licensing agreements and many other administrative responsibilities.

Dominique has served on several music & film panels and workshops such as the 2011 San Antonio Film Festial, 2010 & 2009 Austin Film Festival and a guest speaker at the University of Texas for the First Year MFA Students.

Dominique's film projects include "Angel Camouflaged" which has an early 2012 theatrical release. Other films include "Slacker 2011," "The Overbrook Brothers," "Secret At Arrow Lake," "Harmony and Me," "Taylor's Gift" and "Beyond The Chair."

Dominique has also enjoyed the opportunity to music supervise films for Hollywood directors Joel Schumacher, Joshua Marston, Clark Johnson and Rawson Marshall Thurber.

Mark Grossman Business Affairs Baldillo Music

Mark practiced law in California, New York and Texas before joining Willie Scoggins in creating Baldillo Music, an aggregator of rights to Austin artists’ compositions and recordings licensed for use in television and film, where he currently handles business affairs and licensing. He also has extensive experience in the music business having worked for various independent and major labels, an entertainment law firm and, most recently, his own company managing the careers of entertainers.

Julia Henry Music Supervisor College Battle

JULIA HENRY (Music Supervisor, Ivy Augusta) began exploring music from the other side of the stage in 2004 when she joined the Fox Sports music department. From intern to assistant to head of creative, she was able to spearhead creative concepts and be a part of a team that serviced 21 regions nationwide and provided music for over 900 shows and 5,500 live events annually. Working closely with Fox Sports producers to enhance production value within broadcasts, she emphasized creating alternative marketing strategies for artists, labels, brands and the network which is registered as THE biggest user of music, with over 1.6 million music cues reported annually to the US PROs.  In 2009 she left Fox to start her own company, Ivy Augusta, where she continues to place music in sports programming and live events as a consultant for POC Media and other various clients. Furthermore, her work continues to reach beyond the realm of sports programming to include live events, TV, Film, trailers, advertising and new media, as well as artist management and consultation.

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