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Rewards! Emotions! Design with the Brain in Mind

* Are you aware of the core evolutionary emotions that drive compelling character development?

* Have you factored in the neuroscience of “hedonic forecasting” and emotional rewards in your cinematic or gaming narrative?

Today, behavioral / affective neuroscience and neurotech raise the odds for creating perceptually compelling and emotionally rewarding media narrative. From character generation to skillful game design that engages players and audience, a simple working knowledge of the human brain and its sensory / emotional / behavioral correlates gives the 21st century film media and concept game/app designer a narrative edge in working across the spectrum of film, interactive and immersive media.

This session follows up from last year’s standing room only session with two new important questions: What do behavioral / affective neuroscience and related neurotech data analyses add to the arsenal of narrative media and design practices? How can film, online media and concept game/app designers prepare for a future where rewarding, brain-smart media narratives will be the means by which we learn, play, invent and transform lives? Join us and find out.


MODERATOR M A Greenstein Founder/CEO The George Greenstein Institute

Carlos Velasco General Dir Neurosketch

I'm a psychologist and passionate researcher interested in social, neural and behavioural sciences. I'm very curious about how emotion, sensory processes and non conscious processing influences behavior.

Alejandro Salgado CKO Neurosketch

My passion is understanding how the brain works and revealing its intricacy via behavior analysis. Our actions are labyrinths of the mind; I love to cause and observe behavior. I Apply Neuroscience and behavior analysis to real world problems in the food industry, marketing, health, education and film

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