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Don't Forget About Me! Remember Everything at SXSW

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How to Remember Anything shows how a radically improved memory can add real value in life and in business and can help build your career. Mark Channon, Actor, Hypnotherapist, BBC Product Manager and author of Teach Yourself How to Remember Anything, will take you on a whirlwind tour of memory techniques and show you how to remember anyone and anything at SXSW. Guiding you through a set of practical examples on how to remember names, books, presentations and more. Mark was one of the first Grand Masters of Memory in the world and creator of BBC's Monkhouses Memory Masters. Be prepared to play!


MODERATOR Mark Channon Mr Memory School

Mark Channon (London, UK) author of How to Remember Anything, originally trained as an actor, before becoming one of the first 8 people in the world to become a Grand Master of Memory in the 1995 World Memory Championships and creator of BBC's gameshow Memory Masters.

He has worked as a trainer and coach for over 15 years, running seminars for organisations such as Rothschild, Lincoln National and the BBC in Memory, Mind Mapping and Creativity.

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