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Warp"ed Filmmaking - More Execution, Less Budget


Low budget independent films. Four words that define most of the films made throughout the world every year. Time and again producers focus on the first two words rather than the last two. The driving force behind a successful film is never how much money you have to spend but the idea behind the film and how you go about executing it. Warp Films has redefined how films in the UK are produced by throwing out the rulebook in the same way Warp Records redefined independent music.

Warp Films sprang from the loins of the indie record industry in the UK to become one of the most exciting and successful production companies in Europe. In 2006 it created a slate of films it branded as Warp X. Warp X was to revitalize UK cinema with fresh talent making low budget films for a UK audience. The films found success in the UK but every single one has also found success globally. Where films with bigger budgets and bigger talent stumbled, the faster, meaner, leaner Warp X films triumphed.


Barry Ryan Head of Production Warp Films/Warp X

Barry has been with Warp Films since it began making films in 2002. He is responsible for all of Warp's productions, which is a lot of fun.

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