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AICN Presents: Todd & The Book of Pure Evil

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Join Ain't It Cool News' uber-fan Harry Knowles as he leads a panel about the insane machinations that brought the cult TV series Todd & The Book of Pure Evil from a short film to television screens all over the world. Taking its influences from teen comedies and horror films of the 80's, Todd & The Book of Pure Evil shines a humourous light on the horrors of high school. Harry will pepper the showrunner and stars with questions about the show's humble beginnings, its unique tone and what it's like to work with an 18-foot penis monster. With the second season premiering on FEARnet in March, get to know Todd & The Book of Pure Evil before it becomes too cool for its own good.


MODERATOR Harry Knowles Headgeek Ain't it Cool News

Craig Wallace Producer Corvid Pictures

Craig Wallace is the Co-Creator, Executive Producer, and Showrunner of the live action half-hour supernatural-comedy high school series, TODD & THE BOOK OF PURE EVIL, now in its 2nd Season.

It is broadcast in Canada on the Bell Media Network’s Space, Comedy, and Much Music channels and in the United States on Comcast/Lionsgate/Sony’s horror digital cable channel FearNet.

Produced by Corvid Pictures, Aircraft Pictures, and Frantic Films, the 26 episode series was first developed through the NSI’s Totally Television program, and is based on his short film of the same name, which Craig directed and co-wrote during his director residency at the Canadian Film Centre.

Craig is a prolific writer & director with over 30 short films, music videos and promos to his credit, including writing & directing episodes of TODD & THE BOOK OF PURE EVIL and directing episodes of Family Channel’s WHAT’S UP WARTHOGS.

Craig was nominated for Best Direction in a Comedy Program or Series at the 26th Gemini Awards (2011) for the first season finale of Todd & The Book of Pure Evil – the first episode of television he directed.

Chris Leavins Actor

Chris stars as Atticus Murphy on the television series "Todd and the Book Pure Evil" and was recently nominated for “Best Comedic Actor” at the 2011 Gemini awards. One of the first performers to utilize internet technology, his popular podcast “The Chris Leavins Story Hour” recently topped the Canadian iTunes chart. Featuring comedic essays written by Leavins, the show is performed in front of sold-out audiences around the world. Leavins was also nominated for Geminis for his work on the television series “Traders”, and the critically acclaimed Sundance channel series “Slings and Arrows”.

Jason Mewes SModCo

A New Jersey born and bred actor, who burst onto the cinema screens in 1994, playing the voice half of the on-screen comedy duo of Jay & Silent Bob, Mewes' cult-fan's beloved character "Jay" in his long time friend's (Kevin Smith) award winning Clerks. Mewes would continue on the role of "Jay" in a series of indie hits- Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Clerks II and Zack and Miri Make a Porno.

Moving beyond "Jay", Mewes has completed various commercials, music videos, and animated features as Jason's unique voice has added color and dimension to a variety of entertainment media, including video games. In 2010, Jason starred in mobster comedy "The Last Godfather" along with Harvey Keitel and Blake Clark. In August 2010 Jason began his weekly podcast with Kevin Smith, "Jay and Silent Bob Get Old" which chronicles their early life together, Jason's drug addiction and gives a behind the scenes look at their careers together. Jason also stars in "Todd & the Book of Pure Evil" for FEARnet and SPACE, now in its second season with a strong cult sci-fi following.

Alex House Actor

Alex House started his career as a child actor. Alex often guest-stars on Canadian series, but has a number of interesting independent features under his belt, with previous television credits including Warehouse 13 and Breakout Kings. He currently lives in Toronto, and is a film fanatic who enjoys the work of Park Chan Wook, The Dardenne Brothers, and Michael Haneke, to name a few. He has a younger brother named Patrick who he likes hanging out with. He also enjoys writing screenplays, riding his bike, and reading. Alex was trained at the RCM in Kodaly, studied fiddle, and trained as a Celtic dancer. He has also dabbled in Capoeira, boxing and parkour. When he isn't working he's taking classes to further improve his craft.

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