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The Hares


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Formed over several months and several empty bottles of rum, the Hares are a seven piece rock & roll ensemble
based out of the south side of San Antonio, TX. The sound is once familiar and new, using the best parts of old tried and true genres,
long forgotten classic styles of American music, taken apart and reassembled to fit like nothing that has been heard before or since.
Don't get us wrong. The key pieces are the foundation of what is known - or what we used to be known - as pop music: the thudding bass,
the thunderous drums, the pumping piano, the savage sting of the guitar strings; the shrieks, the howls, the spitting, the dancing, the swing,
the funk, the blues... But individual tastes, many of which stem from the eclectic music preferences of all involved, are what make this mix unique.
Gospel stomp and psycho thump mixed in a blender: if Hall & Oates had been a South Texas crust-punk band during the Great Depression...
that's probably a fever dream approximation of what the sound might be.
Voodoo-billy spaghetti western R&B is what we like to call it.
Songs about dusty Texas towns, brutal love & murders, stomach bugs, end-of-the-world parties, vampire covens, wars long ago ended
and still being fought; these are the words that weave the tales we want to tell.
B-movies with a brain. Comic books with a pulse.
Pulp tales with the crust still on them.
Hard boiled, blood drenched, deep fried, and torn asunder.
To be viewed in black & white through a thin veil of late night static.
Vocals and principal songwriting duties are held by guitarist Buddy Parland and pianist Harvey McLaughlin (no relation). Their techniques
vary wildly, but compliment each other in such a fashion as to give each respective song a life of it's own.
The rhythm section consists of the one-two bass and drums engine chug of Mr. Richie Brown on the upright stringed bass and Mr. Ricky
Rodriguez with the stand up drums. They can find any groove - from a jazz swing to a hard driving rockabilly frenzy - and nail it down so coffin
tight that you'll swear your ear drums were betraying you.
And let us not forget the horns: the three piece brass/reed combo that would be the highlight of any band they chose to grace with their
collective prowess. Mike Chia (trombone), Wally Sandoval (trumpet), and Manny Sauceda (tenor sax) sway and swirl melodies that echo both big band
and Memphis style soul, sometimes in the course of a single song. With a combined effort of countless years of playing between them, they are
informally known within the band as the Jackalope Horns.

Making waves throughout the Texas music scene since their inception and creation, this band of nefarious noise makers has no intention of losing
steam. With another album planned and a tour expected to be launched soon, it is obvious that this group is definitely worth experiencing,
either live or on record.

A Skull Full of Spurs is the Hares' debut album. Recorded at the Harvey House, a sleaze ridden den of Elvis paraphernalia and cigarette butts,
the end result is a trip through what the band has grown to become and what it has always intended to be.

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