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On 2004 ZARIGANI$ starting to perform and attracted attention about rare 2 piece girls band which is bassist&vocal ERI and drummer MIZUKI.
Zarizani$ call themselves "alternative new wave rock". The concept is 'parallel in the real world ' under this they build up and creates their music.
The band cites THE HIVES,Beastie Boys and QUEEN as their main inspirations.
Listening to the range of music and challenges fans to completely define their style.
Zarigani$ has a reputation for stage performance involving the audience in incredible vivid roar which is only by bass with drums and unique and cut a conspicuous figure by her arrange the songs with comical lyrics by unique sense of pop.

2004. first EP "IKAREROCK CAFETERIA" released, tour in 8 cities. radio air-play in USA.

2005. second EP "RADIO CASSETTO"released

2007. third EP "THERE IS ROMANCE" released, tour in 9 cities.
Event of the tour final "Tonight baby " rocked the house. It's popular our masterpiece even now!!

2009. forth EP "zarigani TV 1818...." released. tour in 3 cities.

2010. fifth EP "devote the cell and talent for the king" released. make first appearance on Internet TV "TAKE AWAY SHOW " in France. recognition was growing by leaps and bounds from abroad.

2011. first national distribution LP "AVOCADO" released. took many comments from the artists as Suger Yoshinaga (Baffalo Daughter/METALCHICKS) and Yuka Yoshimura(CATSUOMATICDEATH/METAKCHICKS). First headlining live show at Shinjyuku JAM, Tokyo succeed then carry out the tour in 14 cities. get into the news each place. Event of final tour at Shindaita FEVER, Tokyo achieved in a great success. play together the bands who are active in home and abroad like 385, MOJA, Kiiiiiiiiii, Fragment and Sokorano Group.

2012. join the US. Canada tour of THE WEDDING PRESENTS with TOQUIWA. had 18 live shows in a month. also appear to SXSW as TOQIOWA's supporting artist even during the tour.
As a rare minority two-piece band in US, it was acclaimed in various place. perform as a opening- act at the show of THE WEDDING PRESENTS in Japan.

January, 2013 our second LP,titledDEADBIRDreleased nationwide circulation.
It's made for bring a taste of ROCK even don't use any synthesizer sounds and in this main thema is revived live sounds.
And it's set a high valuation of this paper jacket from all quaters.

June, 2013 Sokoniarunoha Romance released by cassette from Love Panic Records in Texas, U.S.A. It's a topic of conversation in Japan even U.S.A.

December, 2013 We planning to have a event in cooperation with TOQUIWA who toured in US & CANADA together.

We're aiming for act in world-wide!
It's a great two piece band with hidden infinity potential!!!

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