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Ola Podrida


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Ola Podrida started in Austin in 2006 as a home recording project for film composer David Wingo before growing into a full five-piece band upon Wingo's move to Brooklyn shortly after completion of the debut self-titled record. The record was released by Plug Research in 2007 to wide acclaim from outlets such as NPR, Pitchfork and Spin and the band spent much of the year performing in the U.S. and Europe in support of the album, culminating in a performance at the Explosions In The Sky curated All Tomorrow's Parties in Minehead UK in May 2008. Wingo moved back to Austin in 2009, putting together an all new lineup and releasing the second Ola Podrida LP Belly Of The Lion that fall on Western Vinyl. The album continued in the folky vein of the self-titled album while expanding the sound with layers of hazy electric guitar and feedback and a much more prominent rhythm section. The band, now consisting of Wingo, David Hobizal, Colin Swietek and Matt Clark, is releasing the third Ola Podrida album Ghosts Go Blind in April. While the first two records were home recording projects, Ghosts Go Blind was for the most part tracked live to two-inch tape with Matt Oliver at Big Orange in Austin. This is the first Ola record that was written and recorded collaboratively with the whole ensemble and establishes a new and much more expansive direction for the band while still maintaining the intimacy of Wingo's songwriting.