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Gang do Eletro


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One of the most important band of Techno Brega scenario. The Pará-based group Gang do Eletro was founded by DJ Waldo Squash and singer Marcos Maderito, and came to public attention in 2008. While focusing on life in the suburbs of Belém, the band produces the new electronic music from Amazonia, a blend of techno, Caribbean music, electro and house, creating a new rhythm - electromelody. The group, which also features vocalists William Love and Keila Gentil, has attracted the attention of media including Rolling Stone, MTV, Billboard, O Globo, Vice and The Wire, among others. Their participation at festivals such as Sónar, Worldtronics and Rec Beat have brought the band to the front rank of Brazil's alternative circuit.
Gang do Eletro offer all their music free for download on the Internet. Part of their secret lies in the lively rapid-fire beats from DJ Waldo Squash, who is acknowledged as the most widely renowned producer on the Pará scene, and also the man responsible for the new album by Gaby Amarantos and nowadays the band is recording their first studio album through the Brazilian label DeckDisc.