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Listen to Don't Call My Name

When you stand on the edge of a pool, ready to jump in, ready to be completely taken in by it´s content, there´s always that split second of hesitation. Every single time, and not even the bravest person you know, that boy from second grade, can tell you otherwise. Why is that? 

It´s because once you´ve set off to jump, you know you´ve fully let yourself in for it, and from this moment on, absolutely anything can happen. 

When you witness one of Pool´s live concerts, it´s all about that experience: Anything can happen.

Pool consists of three musicians and friends that have been making music together since they were fourteen years of age. Daniel Husten, David Stoltzenberg and Nils Hansen have been constantly evolving musically since the early days. They started off as a standard three piece grunge band, but soon it was clear to everyone witnessing them on their instruments that this was just a start. 

With their basic layout of guitar, bass and drums, they manage to find a musical path between house patterns, psychedelic riff clouds and straightforward pop music. Still a major part of their sound is the get-together of the two vocalists David and Nils. Though their voices differ their coexistence creates a mellow, peerless temper accomplishing the sound of guitar, bass and drums.

A Pool live show is full of hypnotic, technoid buildups, sudden breaks and instrumental expertise, never missing out to showcase that first of all
it´s fun making music. 

And after having let yourself in for it, after having set off to jump, after whatever happened Pool made it happen to you.