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Melissa L. Jones

Creator & Founder
Food Talks N Color

Melissa L. Jones is on an unwavering mission to ensure that black people and people of color in sustainable food and agriculture are both represented and heard. This quest began as a deeply personal journey when, in 2009, her mother had to modify her diet due to health-related issues. This event sparked her curiosity about the intricate linkages between food infrastructure and public health outcomes, ultimately igniting a lifelong passion.

Today, Melissa L. Jones stands as the visionary founder and creative force behind Food Talks N Color, an empowering media platform dedicated to amplifying the voices of black people and people of color in the realms of food and agriculture. Over the past five years, she has donned the role of a captivating host for the "Edible Activist" podcast, skillfully conducting interviews with a diverse group of everyday BIPOC growers, farmers, artists, healers, and other extraordinary individuals. Through this compelling platform, Melissa intertwines education, entertainment, and inspiration, persistently reminding us that culture and agriculture are inseparable.

Beyond being a platform for dialogue, Melissa bridges worlds and embodies the true essence of edible activism – she exemplifies what it sounds like, looks like, and tastes like. Her dedication to uplifting underrepresented voices is transforming the landscape of sustainable food and agriculture, while fostering an inclusive and equitable future for all. Through her inspiring work, Melissa L. Jones paves the way for a more diverse, vibrant, and just food

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Events featuring Melissa L. Jones
Events featuring Melissa L. Jones