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Judd Rosenblatt

AE Studio

Judd Rosenblatt is the founder and CEO of AE Studio - a bootstrapped, over 150 employees, dev, data sci, and design studio that prioritizes technical excellence and increasing human agency. A curious and ambitious problem solver, he's the founder and executive director of a cutting-edge neurotech team and a growing AI alignment team. He's genuinely optimistic about our capacity to live in a future where human experience is 10,000 times better, where products improve consciousness and agency, where AI is both smarter than humans and acts in our best interests. Judd acts on these dreams, taking acceleratingly larger baby steps to humanity-scale problems, and tries to increase the agency of everyone around him with hard won insights on entrepreneurship and consciousness.

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Events featuring Judd Rosenblatt
Events featuring Judd Rosenblatt