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Radha Agrawal

Co-founder & CEO

Radha Agrawal is an entrepreneurial force. She is the co-Founder, CEO and Chief Community Architect of Daybreaker, the global morning dance, music and wellness movement in five continents with a community of almost half a million people around the globe.

She is the co-founder and co-inventor of THINX underwear, is a best selling author, speaker, DJ, and investor in mostly female owned businesses including Athletic Greens, Tushy, Parch, Ritual Vitamins, Andela, Othership, among many others.

She and her Daybreaker team spent the first 3 months of 2020 touring with Oprah on a 9-arena sold out tour where Radha opened every stop of the tour and led 155,000 people through a motivational speaking and movement experience with 30 dancers, musicians and performers behind her.

Her bestselling book BELONG peels back the curtain on how she and her team built the Daybreaker community around the world with almost zero ad spend and answers the questions, "how do I find my people?" and "How do I create large and meaningful communities in the real world?".

She was named by MTV as “one of 8 women who will change the world” and has won numerous entrepreneurship awards and accolades on disruptive innovation.

Her current projects include:

1. WOW It’s NOW, a new experience series focused on deep nature and culture expeditions with a curated intergenerational and interdisciplinary community of leaders designed to transform their collective relationship with the planet and the respective communities we visit.

2. Belong Center, her new non profit whose mission is to end loneliness and empower belonging for all. Her Board members includes Kimbal Musk, Dr. Mark Hyman, Lynne Twist, Ping Fu, Miki Agrawal, Randall Mays, Dr. Dacher Keltner, Dr. James Pawelski, & Paavo Silijamaki of Above & Beyond.

3. The Power of Community Building, a first of its kind, community building curriculum and course on Zoom and in-person. The first cohort wrapped in August 2023 and included the founder of Equinox, the head of UPENN’s Positive Psychology department, the Head of People at the US Space Force, and75 other community leaders across the world.

4. Secret Soho Social Club, a 3-month pop-up ephemeral social club in the heart of Soho. 1500 curated members, 3-stories including a candle-lit main stage, micro jazz club, and a by appointment only dungeon.

5. Angel investor in top brands including Athletic Greens, Ritual Vitamins, Function Health, Andela, Watermelon WTR, Tushy, and many more.

She lives between Brooklyn and her farm in Rhinebeck with her family, and her most coveted title is mother.

Instagram: @love.radha
Book: Belong: Find Your People, Create Community & Live A More Connected Life.


“Radha Agrawal is at the center of building one of the most important movements in America: the creation of deep community among a population of increasingly disconnected citizens. ”
- Ben Rattray, Chairman and Founder,

“Radha’s engaging, high energy approach to connecting people and helping them provide purpose and find their community is an antidote more powerful than any pharmaceutical.”
- Dan Buettner, National Geographic fellow and New York Times best selling author of the Blue Zones books.

“Radha is that friend whispering in your ear, assuring you that not only does she understand your feelings of loneliness and your wish to belong, she’ll also take you gently but firmly by the hand to act, to connect, to create purpose, and to build your community.”
- Esther Perel, Author of Mating in Captivity and The State of Affairs, Host of Where Should We Begin Podcast

“How do we belong to ourselves? And how do we create and belong to extraordinary communities that support and uplift us? Radha Agrawal provides a clear and honest roadmap for teaching us how to create inner and outer belonging, which in the end is all that truly matters in life.”
- Mark Hyman, MD Director, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, #1 NYT bestselling author

“Radha is so generous in sharing her own life journey with us... It is our guidebook for exploration and shows us how to genuinely connect with others and to create communities that we will both nurture and, which in turn, will nurture us. ”
- John Mackey, Founder & CEO of Whole Foods

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Events featuring Radha Agrawal
Events featuring Radha Agrawal