Dory Previn: On My Way To Where

Writing and singing the unvarnished truth about one’s buried secret life experiences is more common today than when Dory Previn wrote brilliant, disturbing, and darkly funny songs in the1970s. Previn began as an Academy Award nominated lyricist for Hollywood musicals with songs for Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland & Dionne Warwick before a tabloid scandal and public breakdown led to her re-emergence as a cult artist in the Laurel Canyon scene. The film taps archives for a story in Previn’s voice. J. Smith-Cameron (SUCCESSION) reads the voices in Dory’s head from her journals. “If you’ve never heard of Dory Previn, prepare to be ashamed of yourself." Rex Reed

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photo of Julia Greenberg
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Julia Greenberg, Dianna Dilworth

Executive Producer:

Dominique Bravo, Eric and Barbara Dobkin


Amy Hobby


Jennifer Mackie

Sound Designer:

Greg Tobler


Dory Previn

Principal Cast:

Dory Previn, Mama, Max, Lion

Additional Credits:

Animator: Emily Hubley, Co-Producer: Ian Marshall, Music Supervisor: Tiffany Anders, Colorist: Samuel Gursky, Motion Graphics: Stuart Langfield


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Amy Hobby
Record Breaker Films

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Dianna Dilworth

Sales Agent:

Amy Hobby
Record Breaker Films

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