The Vortex Cinema

"The Vortex Cinema" is a time-travelling, genre bending VR shooter where you enter the world of black and white movies, stepping into the shoes of a hard-boiled detective at the center of a film noir murder mystery. Uncover an elaborate conspiracy surrounding a scientist that spontaneously combusted, a red-eyed raven, a corrupt police department and a mafia underworld that holds the city in its grip. As your case unravels it will take you deeper down a rabbit hole of intrigue and face to face with friends and foes from different dimensions. Your actions and decisions will affect their lives. But beware! A dark and shadowy figure is also pulling the strings. And they are waiting for you.

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Max Sacker

Executive Producer:

Ioulia Isserlis


Ioulia Isserlis


Max Sacker, Ioulia Isserlis


Max Sacker


Max Sacker

Production Designer:

Max Sacker

Sound Designer:

Takuro Sakamoto


Takuro Sakamoto

Principal Cast:

Moritz Führmann, Christian Stotz, Ioulia Isserlis, William Sage, Steve Hendrickson, Brian Chase, Jonathan Flesher, Max Sacker, Herbert Hoeft, Jeff Drovski, Jonas Brockmann, Jonathan Cotton, Erika Calvert, Beau Marie, Jeff Wells, Kevin Quinn Jonny Loquasto, John Richard Nolan, Mike Previti

Additional Credits:

Lead 3D Artist: Tom Kis, Lead Tech Artist: Jasper Stutterheim, Programmer: Alexander Biesdorf, Programmer: Fabian Kopp, 3D Artist / Animator: Luise Palloks, Tech Artist: Brett Ayo, 3D Artist / Animator: Rebecca Zimmer, Leto Meade, Intern Animation: Sofia Gorodetskaya, Interns 3D Art: Sina Behrend, Mars Tonnelier, Janina Weiler, Julia Vetter, Jo Pape, Nielab Haqparwar, Barbara Langa, Moritz Matuszczak, Scott Langham, Interns / Programming: Fea Schirmacher, Dominik Mauterer,



Anotherworld VR

Public Film Contact:

AnotherWorld VR
anotherworld GmbH

Publicity Contact:

Max Sacker
+49 1520 350 3200

Sales Agent:

AnotherWorld VR
anotherworld GmbH

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