Documentary Short Competition presented by You42

Remember, Broken Crayons Colour Too

Shannet's voice echoes in the darkness. She is lost. The night scenery of a modern city opens up. She remembers it was a sunny summer day. As she wanders the empty streets, memories begin to haunt her. The cold concrete and a threatening stream of thoughts pull Shannet into an endless tunnel. Trapped in the horrifying reminiscences, the noise transforms into music. She is playing the violin; she is alive. It is a sunny summer day. Shannet finds herself in front of a motionless carousel, waiting. She smiles as her friends join her. Together with them, Shannet stands still in silence.

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photo of Shannet Clemmings
photo of Urša Kastelic

Film Screenings



Shannet Clemmings, Urša Kastelic


Filippo Bonacci, Gabriel Grosclaude


Shannet Clemmings, Urša Kastelic


Alvaro Kreyden


Manuel Viktor Troxler

Production Designer:

Natascha Simens

Sound Designer:

Aleksandar Rančić


tracy september

Principal Cast:

Shannet Clemmings, Romincio Cayol, Eric Dormoy, Rino Hosennen, Ahmad Kron, Jelena Pavlović, Lateena, Moritz Sauer, Kathrin Schweizer

Additional Credits:

Sound: Marin Valentin Wolf, Jonathan Descombes, Zoë Bayer, Costume design: Ahmad Kron, Script supervisor: Zoë Bayer, 1 AD : Stefania Burla, 1 AC: Nico Drechsel, 2 AD & Set Management: Camille Briffod, Light: Linus Beling, Aurelio Ghirardelli, Juan Manuel Barros Daher, Foley Artist: Vladimir Kerkez, Visual Effects: Nevin George, Set Production Assistants: Tinkara Kastelic, Hasan Demir, Balazs Gyenes, Christian König, Johana Hullár


Public Film Contact:

Urša Kastelic
Urša Kastelic

Publicity Contact:

Urša Kastelic

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13 mins