NIPA (National IT Promotion Agency)

Discover Korean Metaverse Companies

Jincheon, South of Korea

National IT Promotion Agency of South Korea supports ICT ecosystem and industry in South Korea. Especially, NIPA created a brand to support Metaverse and XR Indsutry, called ‘K-Metavese’. NIPA has selected 10 Korean metaverse and XR companies to be featured at SXSW Creative Industry Expo. Please visit our Pavilion and enjoy the latest technology from Korean Metaverse Industry. These companies are the 10 best ones from Korean Metaverse Industry. -Tripbtoz (#1211), Seven Point One (#1215), XrisP (#1219), Inventis (#1225), Devs United Games (#1229), JL STANDARD (#1310), Wide Brain (#1314), SOULX (#1318), AIPARK (#1322), dob Studio (#1326)