artics / foriio supported by TechBiz

TechBiz is the acceleration program supported by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Exciting two startups are exhibiting at SXSW. ★artics★ artics is a SNS app. On artics, you can start by adding your favorite works (music, movies, books, manga, and more) and create your very own 'Interest Passport,' a collection of your passions. This 'Interest Passport' represents a reservoir of your inspiration and thoughts, reflecting who you are beyond just your appearance or photos. ★foriio, Inc★ Easy portfolio creation for everyone. foriio is a platform for creators to make their own portfolio page. Our mission is to “Empower individual creators” and we do everything we can to realize that missions as fast as possible.


photo of Emiko Seki
Emiko Seki

Digital Content Association of Japan