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AI and the Future of Loneliness

Mar 11, 2024

11:30am – 12:30pm CT

Have you ever said “thank you” to Alexa? Or “goodbye” to a customer service chatbot? Integrating AI into our daily routines has sparked discussion over whether it has led to increased feelings of loneliness. After all, as technology develops and more jobs become automated, we have less contact with humans than ever before. One way developers are trying to combat this? Deploying applications of AI that can imitate the voices of loved ones. So is AI making us more or less lonely? In this discussion, hear from experts who will talk about the effects AI can have on our everyday lives.

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photo of Chloe Autio
Chloe Autio


photo of Ron Ivey
Ron Ivey

Harvard Human Flourishing Program

photo of Emilia Javorsky
Emilia Javorsky

The Future of Life Institute

photo of Renate Nyborg
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