How the Science of De-Extinction is Helping to Save Species

Mar 8, 2024

2:30pm – 3:30pm CT

Existential crisis? Massive extinction events? The topics are on every person's tongue but, is it as bad as the media, television shows and movies make it seem? Colossal Bioscience Founder and CEO Ben Lamm joins the multi-talented actor, voice artist, and comedian Seth Green who will lead a fascinating conversation on why we can and should believe another future is possible. New tools are being developed for conservation, propelled by the science of de-extinction, that uses the past to stop the crisis of the present. Lamm and Green, a wildlife advocate, will break down the real-world science that is being utilized to bring back extinct animals like the Woolly Mammoth, Tasmanian Tiger and Dodo while showcasing new advancements from those efforts for modern conservation of existing species. They will also discuss the emerging tools in the conservation toolbox: rewilding, conservation economics, and system-focused technology to save species like the northern white rhino, baby elephants, and much more. This lively conservation will teach you how de-extinction science and emerging conservation methods are about to hit the mainstream.

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photo of Seth Green
photo of Ben Lamm
Ben Lamm

Colossal Biosciences

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