Diving Much Deeper Into Digital Transformation

Mar 13, 2024

11:30am – 12:30pm CT

All large organizations are implementing digital transformation programs, but they are missing a significant opportunity. They are primarily using digital technology to do what they have always done faster and cheaper. The missed opportunity is to unleash the potential of digital technology to generate rapidly increasing value. True digital transformation starts by exploring the most basic question: what business should I be in, given the emerging unmet needs in the marketplace and my ability to connect more effectively with other businesses to deliver even more value to the marketplace? Once that question is addressed, we will need to rethink at a fundamental level the nature of work for all participants in the organization – freeing people from routine tasks and focusing everyone on addressing unseen opportunities to create more value, not just those in marketing and product development. With digital technology, we can see the unseen in much richer and real-time ways and mobilize more effectively to address those opportunities, wherever we are in an organization. To unleash this potential, we need to move beyond our comfort zone, and that can be very challenging.

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photo of John Hagel
John Hagel

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