Man vs. Nature: The Commercialization of Psilocybin Medicine

Mar 9, 2024

4:00pm – 5:00pm CT

Psilocybin has emerged as a promising therapy for a number of mental health conditions. Though it is produced naturally by various mushroom species, nearly all clinical studies use synthetic psilocybin. Do the alkaloids only present in fungal bodies augment psychoactive and therapeutic value? This panel will detail the current state of research on psilocybin, the differences between natural and synthetic psilocybin, discuss the potential harms of limiting research to synthetic mushrooms, and explain why researchers have been fighting to study natural drug products.

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photo of Greg Fonzo, Phd
Greg Fonzo, Phd

The University of Texas at Austin

photo of Shawn Hauser
Shawn Hauser

Vicente LLP

photo of Sue Sisley
Sue Sisley

Scottsdale Research Institute

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