Featured Session: Technology, Leadership, Geopolitics and the Future

Mar 10, 2024

11:30am – 12:30pm CT

Growing up, our teachers emphasized the need to learn math by saying we would not always have a calculator in our pocket. Today, not only do we all have calculators, but cameras, emails, travel apps, instantaneous news, dating apps, and other social networks right at our fingertips. Yet while we have engineered new ways to measure success or quantify our worth, whether by “like” counts or followers and interactions, few of us stop to consider the long term impacts of uploading and broadcasting our lives online. Today, as innovation accelerates and the psychological and social risks of technology become increasingly apparent, lawmakers are trying to keep up by implementing regulations that reflect transatlantic leadership and democratic use of technology. Given that technology knows no borders, several questions remain - how will shifts in geopolitics drive regulation? How should governments incentivize companies to use AI for good? What impact will the demand for innovation have on the environment? And will we ever be able explain to future generations what it means to live without technology?

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photo of Sewell Chan
Sewell Chan

Texas Tribune

photo of Margrethe Vestager
Margrethe Vestager

European Commission

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