Featured Session: Mental Health in Film & TV: Safe Sets, Heroic Stories

Mar 8, 2024

4:00pm – 5:00pm CT

The role of film and TV is to explore the human condition, but what if we could change lives with our stories? We are living in a mental health epidemic: suicide rates have never been so high, and therapeutic interventions, from rehabs to social media content, are at the forefront of the zeitgeist. Stories about mental health can have a positive, substantive impact on the world. We can’t solve the world’s mental health problems on screen, while creating mental health problems on set. In this panel, industry veterans will explore how compelling, honest narratives about trauma, neurodiversity and recovery can do more than just entertain; they can heal. Our session will challenge the portrayal of mental health on screens and examine areas of representation that still need to be addressed. Hand in hand with recovery specialists, industry experts will delve into fostering our industry’s mental health, from ensuring safe sets to supporting organizations. Telling heroic stories of mental health recovery expands what people believe is possible and enables them to overcome difficult challenges. Heroes aren’t made without scars. Those who overcome trauma and mental health challenges aren’t victims; they are everyday heroes in disguise. Real, practical resources will be discussed and shared, from hotlines to industry organizations with mental health resources. Together, we’ll discuss and discover how sharing raw, resonant and authentic stories can break the stigma, inspire resilience, and unite us in the pursuit of a more empathetic and inclusive entertainment landscape.

This session is Presented by 21 Grams.

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photo of Dane Ensley
Dane Ensley

Reconstruction Unlimited

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Mam Smith

Action Experts Inc

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Jorey Worb

21 Grams

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