Featured Session: Ready Player One Creator & Readyverse Studios Co-Founders Bring IP/Brands to the Open Metaverse

Mar 10, 2024

4:00pm – 5:00pm CT

Visionary futurist and creator of the groundbreaking franchise Ready Player One Ernest Cline envisioned a future forever changed by technology in his best-selling novel and the Academy Award nominated blockbuster film adaptation that followed, amassing a global fan base and inspiring the transition from science fiction to reality. Now, that future is upon us. The recently announced Readyverse Studios was co-founded by Cline, Ready Player One producer Dan Farah, and Shara Senderoff and Aaron McDonald, who co-founded Futureverse, a leading AI and metaverse technology and content company. Readyverse Studios is building a definitive destination for fans to explore their favorite IP in the metaverse, leveraging web3, metaverse games and experiences, augmented reality, and VR technologies that will shift the course of entertainment and technology.
This panel features Readyverse Studios Co-Founders in their first public appearance to discuss the importance of interoperability in the metaverse, the technology required, and their insights on the significance of IP and brands to the open metaverse, which they view as the next phase in the exciting evolution of the internet.

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photo of Ernest Cline
Ernest Cline

Readyverse Studios

photo of Dan Farah
Dan Farah

Readyverse Studios

photo of Aaron McDonald
Aaron McDonald

Readyverse Studios

photo of Shara Senderoff
Shara Senderoff

Readyverse Studios

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