Analogpunk, or, Tools, Shoes and Misery

Mar 14, 2024

4:00pm – 5:00pm CT

Join acclaimed science fiction author and futurist Bruce Sterling as he serenely ignores the dismal state of the world and he talks exclusively about the many strange tools that he has in his pockets, bags, boxes and his studios.

Sterling is a science fiction writer, but also the Art Director of "Share Festival," a technology art event in Turin, Italy. For years Sterling's festival has been curating the "Share Festival Artmaker Bag," a set of specialized tools for making, repairing and maintaining technical artworks.

If you're a hand-crafting peasant who lacks any industrial products, then you're in for a barefoot life of strenuous misery! However, if you're in a modern cyberized, late-capitalist environment and you also tote some neat-o handtools, you can hack the living daylights out of stuff. So come and hear why our world features novel oddities like "pocket jewelry" and "luxury multitools."

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photo of Bruce Sterling
Bruce Sterling

Bruce Sterling

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