Featured Session: How Teams Can Skip the Drama and Embrace Healthy Conflict

Mar 10, 2024

11:30am – 12:30pm CT

Is there a lot of unspoken tension or gossiping on your team? Do colleagues shut down opposing views or blame others when things go wrong? Do you find yourself wishing everyone would just get along? Research shows that teams in which people feel free to safely disagree outperform other teams. They make better decisions. And the friction that accompanies disagreement can allow for creativity and growth. But there’s a difference between healthy conflict and griping or backstabbing. You can encourage productive tension without inviting drama, and you don’t have to be the team leader to lay the groundwork for valuable disagreements. In this interactive session, bestselling author and podcast host Amy Gallo will share insights and advice from her latest work on how to create the right conditions for healthy conflict, ensure conversations remain collaborative, and repair team relationships.

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photo of Amy Gallo
Amy Gallo

Harvard Business Review

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