Featured Session: The Singularity Is Nearer

Mar 10, 2024

2:30pm – 3:30pm CT

Twenty-five years ago, Ray Kurzweil predicted computers would reach human-level intelligence by 2029, unlocking solutions to the world’s grandest challenges. Today we are right on track to reach this milestone. During the 2030s, AI will become superintelligent, vastly outstripping our capabilities and enabling dramatic medical breakthroughs to overcome aging. This is not an alien invasion. AI is evolving from within us and will reflect our humanity. By 2045, we will connect our brains directly to the cloud, enhancing our intelligence a millionfold and expanding our consciousness in ways we can barely imagine. This is the Singularity.

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photo of Ray Kurzweil
photo of Nick Thompson
Nick Thompson

The Atlantic

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