Smoke and Mirrors

Mar 12, 2024

10:00am – 7:00pm CT

Premiered at SXSW, Smoke and Mirrors by Beatie Wolfe uses art to communicate 6 decades of climate data, specifically rising methane levels, set alongside the verbatim advertising slogans deployed by Big Oil to deflect, discredit and delay climate data and awareness through the decades. This evocative visualization, based on NASA’s Blue Marble image and produced in collaboration with Parliament, will be set to “Oh My Heart,” which was released as the world’s first bioplastic record by Beatie Wolfe, Michael Stipe and Brian Eno’s EarthPercent. Smoke and Mirrors follows Wolfe’s multi-award winning CO2 visualisation ‘From Green to Red,’ which was unveiled at the Nobel Prize Summit and was the largest art piece at COP26. Smoke and Mirrors was influenced by the work of Geoffrey Supran & Naomi Oreskes and sources data from NASA & NOAA. Explore the data and oil ads at:

Smoke and Mirrors runs March 8 to March 12. The exhibit is located within the Innovation Bridge Europe House, Thompson Hotel (506 San Jacinto Blvd), 4th floor rooftop.

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