Presented by SXSW DAY PARTY: Rainey Street Revival

Faux Real

Mar 14, 2024

4:00pm – 4:45pm CT

Lustre Pearl

It's hard to pin down Faux Real. The Franco-American duo, comprised of brothers Elliott and Virgile Arndt, have been steadily broadening the scope of their project. Their high-octane DIY performances, involving matching cut-up boiler suits lined with fringe, barefoot dance routines, and crowd-splitting high- kicks, are taking on a more established and ever more unhinged form — think Iggy Pop meets campy Eurodance boyband. Humble beginnings between Paris and London birthed their first self-titled EP in 2020. Dubbed “Anti-Rock” by early onlookers, Faux Real showcased a keen ear for hooks and anthemic songwriting. Faux Real act as a duo of alternative jesters infiltrating the pop space. Toeing the line between undeniable pop potential and an off-kilter flair lies at the core of everything they do. The contradictions between order and chaos, between the visceral and the artificial — that’s where Faux Real truly shines.
That said, no one really knows what is real and what is faux, and that’s the magic of it all.

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