credit: Cassandra Panek


Mar 16, 2024

11:00pm – 11:40pm CT

Continental Club

"Soraia is an extraordinary, exciting, 'sure to make waves' band who I love and admire"
- Joan Jett
Soraia - meaning "Bright, Guiding Star" from The Pleiades Constellation - represents the raw power of the collaborative artistry that is this band. Soraia is a Philadelphia-based alternative rock n' roll /post-grunge outfit fronted by lead vocalist ZouZou Mansour (an expressive, big-voiced singer with a gutsy, gritty style). Loud, hard-rocking and aggressive yet highly melodic and hooky, Soraia brings a wide variety of '70s and '90s influences to the table. L7, Concrete Blonde, Nirvana, Sonic Youth have affected Soraia's sound, as have the Pretenders and Patti Smith. Motown's influence is also clear, apparent in both their songwriting melodies and harmonies. And while Soraia is clearly part of a punked-out rock live, the Philadelphians also get a great deal of inspiration from garage rock artists who were around before the rise of Nirvana and the highly influential "Nevermind".
"Searing guitars, burning soul, and true CBGB grit, Soraia is the rock you need in your face NOW." - David Fricke, Rolling Stone

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