Akira Galaxy

Mar 14, 2024

12:00pm – 12:40pm CT

Radio Day Stage in Ballroom A

In the songs on Los Angeles singer-songwriter Akira Galaxy’s debut EP What’s
Inside You, pure and unfiltered emotional connection is everything. In their
romantic vortexes, nothing seems to be in question, and consummate mutual
understanding feels possible. Eventually, though, difficult moments throw deeper
truths into relief, exposing the ways in which the narrators have been misled. Akira
writes soulful and atmospheric alternative pop songs about being lost in these
kinds of states, inserting bittersweet or acidic asides.
With divergent touchstones like Radiohead, Cocteau Twins (she covers Elizabeth
Fraser’s Massive Attack collaboration “Teardrop”), and Fleetwood Mac, What’s
Inside You covers a great deal of musical as well as spiritual territory across its five
songs. Ecstatic but emotionally unsparing, immediate and catchy but
sophisticated, the EP announces an artist eager to explore divergent ideas and
already invested with a fully formed songwriting voice.

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Free to the Public
Los Angeles, CA, United States
Indie Pop
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