Mong Tong

Mar 12, 2024

10:10pm – 10:50pm CT

Palm Door on Sixth

Mong Tong is a Taiwanese psychedelic music band formed by brothers Hom Yu and Jiun Chi. The name "Mong Tong" is derived from the brothers' childhood nickname, which can mean something totally different in different languages from Burmese, Cantonese to Chinese.

Mong Tong's music is heavily influenced by Southeast Asian culture, including its mythology and folklore, as well as 60s and 70s psychedelic music. Their sound is characterized by hypnotic rhythms, dreamy melodies, and otherworldly atmospheres.

Mong Tong has been described as part of a new wave of Taiwanese music that draws on the country's rich cultural heritage while pushing boundaries and exploring new sonic territory. They have also been noted for their visually striking album artwork, music videos and special outfits. Overall, Mong Tong is a unique and exciting addition to the global psychedelic music scene, offering a fresh perspective and a fascinating blend of musical and cultural influences.

Mong Tong's latest album, "Tao Fire 道火” released in 2023, not only continues the idea behind their previous work, "Indies 印", but also incorporates more local elements such as gamelan music, phin guitar, and Taiwan sisomi.

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Taipei, Taiwan
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