Music Video Program

Mar 14, 2024

2:15pm – 3:40pm CT

Bambina reluctantly agrees to "get the gear" in this thoughtful meditation about virtual reality sex.

Musical artist Benjamin Earl Turner and his animatronic buddy Habib go on a mind bending journey to escape murderous metal head heshers.

It's a video game session (online) where the mission is for the player to get home alone after a night out. The avatar is a young woman, and the player will guide her choices to get home as quickly as possible, while minimizing stressful situations and loss of confidence.

After a series of men go missing in a seaside town, Chappell Roan meets a mysterious Siren on the beach and instantly falls in love. However, as they begin a relationship, Chappell realizes that the creature is more dangerous than she ever could have imagined.

Presented with unfamiliarity, a Turtle embarks outside its comfort zone. When tragedy strikes, it's only option is to trust in the hands of strangers to move forward.

Released as their final song, "Infinity Repeating" is a long lost demo from Daft Punk’s sessions with Julian Casablancas. Through a hypnotic walk cycle, the video explores the evolution of animation and human existence itself in one continuous shot.

Jimmy, a reclusive hoarder who has quite literally lost his heart's glow, clings to objects from his glorious past to shield himself from his lonely present. One day, these hoarded objects set out to teach him an important life lesson - to let go!

After eating an acid-laced chicken nugget in Diplo's car, Dillon Francis goes on a journey inside of a Chinese resturant featuring a cast of strange characters, melting faces, spinning tables and eel dicks.

In a single take, Dom attempts to get back home after being chased by a massive hoard of his own demons.

Welcome to an imaginary world where traditions and modernity blend, ancestral memories and visionary ideas intertwine, and vibrant colors coexist with dark designs. Each scene splendidly reveals a facet of Mali or Africa: a monument in flames, reminiscent of a cultural and architectural heritage endangered by the country's conflicts, a blood-stained soccer ball, akin to a deadly World Cup, a boy throwing his weapon into the water. Above all, there are the majestic landscapes of the continent, representatives of a growing underground punk culture, a beautiful ballet choreography featuring young dancers, and a quest for love under a millennium-old baobab tree.

"Stranger in The Barn" is a nordic musical fantasy on strings; an allegory of human beings stricken with fear, choosing love in times of crisis.

After Yachty confesses his feelings to his lover, we explore his deepest, internal fantasies as he awaits her response.

The official music video for "Kenneth" by Little Dragon. On an ordinary rainy day, a woman stumbles into an otherworldly desert filled with menacing thermal spirits, molten dunes, and strange frozen treats. A story that embodies that sugar-sick feeling of eating melty ice cream on a hot day—something that once gave you relief is now slowly turning on you...

Opening with foreboding shots of a neon-lit abandoned strip club, we are soon introduced to a creature known as Case-Y, lurking in the shadows. As the music picks up, Case-Y is compelled to throw ass. The beat drops, lights flash, and all hell breaks loose. But was it all just a dream?

The offbeat balance of themes and execution in this video makes for a fresh, unique concept. As dark and grotesque as the allusions to gun violence are, the over the top, almost comical cinematography - which follows the spinning bullet around corners and into a swimming pool - makes it completely surreal and cartoonish.

In Hong Kong it's normal for the past to be eagerly forgotten as life in this neon-doused city moves on. But sometimes remembrance is a form of catharsis, especially for the women of the Weitou people, who were among Hong Kong's original settlers. For generations they protested their arranged marriages with proud songs on their wedding nights - "bridal laments" that have now been brought back to life as an electro-infused anthem by artist Rainbow Chan. Directed by Anne Berry, the music video 'Seven Sisters' reimagines this ritual in a 100-year-old walled village, and even features some of the original brides that first learned these ancient songs.

A music video for The Burning Hell's song 'All I Need' . In a post-human world a lone robot scours apocalyptic wastelands, searching for the rare parts they need to save their only friend.

Aube Perrie directs a bloody, frenetic fever dream for The Hives' comeback - their first release in eleven years. When a lone dog walker uncovers an old tape cassette - with the title handwritten in blood - it sets off a series of events that are explosive, surreal and very, very gory... Wearing its horror influences on its sleeve, Perrie goes full-throttle with the madness, paying homage to "The Evil Dead", zombie flicks and the Swedish horror scene in a riotous four minutes of blood-drenched fun.

It’s a painful process being an idea waiting to be brought to life, waiting to become real. Many ideas never make it. My Idea is a motion capture actor who is stuck as a motion capture actor 24/7 — eating, living, working — wondering when his creators will set him free.

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