Narrative Short Competition presented by You42

Narrative Short Program 1

Mar 12, 2024

3:45pm – 5:31pm CT

While the townsfolk are celebrating the village's anniversary parade, Étienne tries the impossible: to show them how beautiful his family’s cacophony really is.

In this nightmarish queer awakening story set at a high school football game, the star quarterback promises to pass down her lucky number to the most deserving girl on the team. But when the game goes horribly awry, an awkward girl in detention attempts to prove herself worthy of the captain’s love, legacy, and soul...

"Bits" follows a young woman in small town Montana who catches the attention of a serial killer on the hunt. When his pursuit ends abruptly, the young woman is overcome with rejection. Pining for closure, she struggles to untangle feelings of neglect and desire.

Aby, a 15-year-old Honduran teen, navigates the complexities of her life in the US alongside her newly arrived cousin, Nata. As Thanksgiving Day unfolds, Aby's rebellious spirit clashes with the expectations of her caregiver, Aunt Magda, intensifying her desire to distance herself from her suffocating circumstances.

Fei is the top violinist in her elite youth orchestra. When another Chinese violinist arrives to challenge her place, Fei’s anxieties and internalized racism grow to take monstrous physical form. They whisper to her, urging her to be the best, no matter the cost.

Tina and her elderly dog, MeeMoo, visit "Rainbow Bridge Enterprises," a mysterious clinic offering human-to-pet communication. The esoteric Dr. Bailey Picadello and her burnout partner, Herb, detect a cosmically strong bond between their new patients, triggering a journey across time and space where Tina and MeeMoo can properly say goodbye in their final, fantastical forms. Chaos ensues as Tina is abruptly thrust back to reality while MeeMoo is left behind in the transcendental Rainbow Realm. Tina may feel a bittersweet sense of relief, but Dr. Bailey gets more than she bargained for when the fabric of reality might have just split wide open.

Three trans women meet in a country house to plan a robbery. The trick of the heist is that, in order to create a false trail, they disguise themselves as men. While they share everyday life as a well-established team and lovers, they practice speaking in a deep voice, walking manly and behaving in a masculine manner. In this process, they reach their emotional and physical limits and repeatedly fail to imitate male connoted behavior.

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106 mins
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