Independent TV Pilot Program

Mar 14, 2024

5:30pm – 7:23pm CT

A sharp and smart show-within-a-show, Bettendorf Talks is both a witty workplace comedy and the newest (and most unlikely) local talk show to come out of the titular Midwestern Quad City. Hosted by the has-been comedy duo T.J. Jagodowski and David Pasquesi (who star as hilarious caricatures of themselves), the two attempt to mount a hit show in search of a sliver of their former glory. Each episode follows our ensemble for one day of the writing, producing and airing of our program as T.J. & Dave grapple with how to live in these new, lesser roles, the team around them deal with T.J. & Dave, and Margaret fights to keep the show going because it’s always one day away from being canceled.

When Zeke attends a cookout with his estranged father, Nick, he initially struggles to feel comfortable amongst his boisterous black family. On the verge of leaving, Zeke is convinced to stay by his half-sister, Dezz, who goes out of her way to make him feel welcome. After witnessing Nick do a comedic re-telling of his colonoscopy, Zeke finally settles in with his family.

Lucy and Sara are sisters. They're what some people might call recluse. They've been putting up with each other by the skin of their teeth for years. But with the passing of their father, things must change whether they like it or not.

While filming a challenge video, famed YouTuber Marvin Weaver accidentally causes a fan’s death, and is swiftly banned from legitimate online platforms. Marvin’s manager, Randi, convinces him to do the right thing and reconcile with the fan’s parents. Unfortunately, Marvin’s half-hearted apology only makes things worse. However, Tag Taggart, an alt-right news host looking to reach younger audiences, invites Marvin on his show. After falling out with Randi, Marvin sees no other option. He goes on Tag’s show to make a public apology, but is manipulated into a cathartic denial of responsibility in the fan's death. With the episode drawing record views, Tag sees a future for Marvin on the show.

In a post economic collapse America, a woman (Anna Camp) travels alone towards the promise of a utopian dome on the horizon. When she negotiates a ride with strangers, we learn… trust no one on the road to the Neo-Dome.

Sofia is looking for her first job when she ends up falling into Tosser's orbit. It's not until she's been roped into a days work that she realizes there's no job available. But with a huge order, and a saboteur in the midst Sofia might be the only one who can save Tossers.

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