XR Experience Competition 1

Mar 10, 2024

11:00am – 6:00pm CT

Hidden in the lost belongings of an Astrobiologist are clues for the journey ahead. Welcome to "Astra," your ticket to the stars. This Mixed Reality Experience transports you from Earth to the deepest corners of the cosmos as you embark on a quest to uncover the key ingredients of life in the Universe. Step foot on planets and their dark moons in a search for future worlds and far away beings.

There are 575+ sovereign tribal nations in the U.S. today, each governed by a Chief, Chairman or Chairwoman. Meet dynamic tribal leaders in this XR360º experience developed for VisionPro, from interviews with powerful Chairwomen, to one of the youngest Chairmen ever elected, to an elder reflecting upon his time in tribal leadership. Experience unique perspectives on the history of this country, and the meaning of culture, family and community. See the intersections of modern life and locations that have had cultural significance for thousands of years. Today we are seven generations out from the founding of the U.S. – time to assess how our actions today will affect the next seven...

"Detachment" is a cinematic and interactive journey through our shifting sense of reality, challenging our sense of the here and now, and blending the boundary between a music video and video game with a unique movement mechanic that rewards the curious, and AI driven randomisation. "Detachment" is told from the future, looking back at how technology has impacted our experience of reality and the journey of humankind. Soundtracked by UK band Pivots and narrated by actor Erik Todd Dellums, "Detachment" explores the way our sense of reality is in constant flux. This is the standalone version of a live music VR experience created for the Glasgow Disability Alliance.

"I'm Tired of Being Hypersurveilled" is a concept album for the age of the metaverse, confronting surveillance on the marginalized body in America. Placing us in the claustrophobic environment of the S.Y.S.T.E.M. (Securing Your Safety Through Extreme Means) we, playing as Heno., are held hostage while the S.Y.S.T.E.M. attempt to surveille our every thought. When a glitch gives us the chance to see beyond the simulation we must search for an exit or be trapped in the loop forever. The interactive experience includes simulations by nine Black artists, who created visualizers responding to prompts around surveillance.

An immersive animated biopic, based on the archives of opera singer Joseph Rouleau. Through a posthumous conversation with director Emilie Rosas, the work aims to dust off the world of opera and reveal Joseph Rouleau, a great pioneer of operatic art in Quebec. The experience tells his story, revisiting his personal archives, memoirs and greatest solos.

While their fantasy characters search for an evil entity known as "The Wax One", a family takes on a quest in real life when they discover that their Dungeon Master’s marriage is falling apart. Switching between the game and the real world, it becomes clear that some character traits are dangerous in any situation. Will their imagined-selves survive their campaign as they struggle to survive each other?

In the midst of a battle between Imperial forces and a fleet of 70,000 Red Flag pirates, a timid young interpreter is taken captive and in her struggle for survival discovers that neither side is what she expected. "Madame Pirate: Code of Conduct" is a 6DOF room-scale VR experience, blending comic strip format and live action 4DView.

The story of a South Asian girls coming of age and the awakening of her sexuality. She must overcome her own shame and fear to find her inner strength and true super-powers. With the arrival of her first period Maya’s world is turned upside down as she is confronted by the restrictive traditions of her conservative family and a world of hidden shame, stigma and taboo in contemporary London. An odyssey of womanhood and femininity, referencing ancient symbols of spiritual and feminine power, the piece draws together the real and the imaginary to trace possible paths to resilience and justice. The Player must discover a radical power based on self love, care and solidarity.

Inspired by “The Woman with Two Skins” of Southern Nigeria, the story follows Young Thang, a human girl living within The Community, a place where humans are forbidden; deemed dangerous and ugly. To blend in and survive, Young Thang’s guardians urge her to wear a second skin to transform her appearance. After the pressure to conform pushes Young Thang to the brink, she unknowingly puts her beloved guardians and The Community in peril. Can Young Thang find the courage to reveal her full self and save the very beings that discriminate and suppress her?

"Soulpaint" exists at the nexus of immersive technology, creative storytelling and wellbeing to explore the richness of the embodied human experience. Participants are taken on a journey to explore and creatively express feelings of emotion and sensations in the body. Through the process of bodymapping, 3D drawing and movement, they are invited to reveal their unique inner reality and then observe the creations of others. Using interactive technology in a genre-pushing way, this experience encourages new forms of embodied insight, allowing us to reflect on the diversity of human experience on an individual and global level.

“The Tent” is a Mixed Reality cinematic tabletop narrative and a glimpse of the future of immersive entertainment. A modern fairy tale set in Los Angeles, "The Tent" interrogates the nature of activism and asks the viewer, “What does it take to live a life according to your deepest held values? Why is it so complicated to be a good person?" A 21-minute experience in two parts for iPadPro, it allows the audience to explore a miniature world from any perspective. Built with volumetric video, it draws upon 2500 years of Acting and Storytelling that is at the core of our shared humanity. It’s a drama. It's a satire. It's a petite bourgeoise fever dream and a fable for society.

"The Vortex Cinema" is a time-travelling, genre bending VR shooter where you enter the world of black and white movies, stepping into the shoes of a hard-boiled detective at the center of a film noir murder mystery. Uncover an elaborate conspiracy surrounding a scientist that spontaneously combusted, a red-eyed raven, a corrupt police department and a mafia underworld that holds the city in its grip. As your case unravels it will take you deeper down a rabbit hole of intrigue and face to face with friends and foes from different dimensions. Your actions and decisions will affect their lives. But beware! A dark and shadowy figure is also pulling the strings. And they are waiting for you.

Following the stories of family members of missing migrants in Benin City, Nigeria, this project explores the psychological effect of the consequences of irregular migrations on families who are left clueless as to the whereabouts of their loved ones. Using an installation art that makes use of photography, virtual reality (VR), sound (real life interview recordings) and a 40 foot recycled shipping container to represent the emptiness and sadness that exist in the minds of left behind family members of missing migrants, audience will be immersed in the rooms of two family members as they narrate their pains, anxieties, fears and unresolved hopes.

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