Pandora AMP

PANDORA AMP – Pandora’s FREE, POWERFUL DIY creator tools allow you to boost spins, explore your data, speak directly to fans in your own voice and tell the stories behind your music.

Oakland, CA

AMP is a set of free and powerful tools which allow artists to: • Record Artist Audio Messages and speak directly to fans • Hype new releases • Announce upcoming performances • Share the stories behind their music • ‘Feature’ their latest single and accompany it with an artist message • Record voice-overs and add them to mixes for a playlist/podcast vibe. • View detailed data about every track you have on Pandora These tools were made for musicians by musicians and were designed to make it as easy as possible to promote your music, increase spins and speak directly to fans. AMP also allows you to see the data behind your music and then actually USE that data to grow your fanbase!