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Perdón Amor

Reynosa, Tamaulipas is not a city commonly characterized by the creation of great musical talents, but its rich history embraces all its inhabitants. From it emerges a musical collective that goes beyond simple sonic creation. Comprised of the visionary producer MNTR, the musical poet Soldi Rosa, and the lyrical master FERRR, Perdón Amor is the culmination of years of friendship, shared experiences, and a unique connection forged in adolescence.

MNTR, Soldi Rosa, and FERRR began their journey into music for pure fun, a youthful escape that soon transformed into something deeper. As they grew together in Reynosa, they shared experiences, parties, and moments that would become the foundations of their musical connection. Over 5 years of friendship gave rise to an idea: what if they combined their voices and talents to create something greater than themselves?

Perdón Amor is not just a musical group; they are messengers of emotions and reflections through their lyrics and instrumentals. "Why does it hurt? Why do I love?" are the questions they pose, and through their music, they seek to spread a message that resonates in the way Generation Z feels, understands, and experiences love.

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Events featuring Perdón Amor

Mar 14, 2024
11:30pm — 12:00am
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Monterrey, Mexico
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