In the tapestry of today's music, Chioke emerges as a vivid thread, weaving cinematic and celestial sounds with an ethereal touch. This alternative R&B artist from Philadelphia encapsulates a dreamlike essence in her music, making listeners float through time with her sultry, psychedelic production and mesmerizing cadence.

A self-described "wavy cat-mom," Chioke found her voice early through spoken word, turning her fluid poetry into soulful melodies. Her journey, ripe with both passion and poignant memories, started in the warmth of a bedroom studio, alongside her best friend and producer, Jay Dreamer. Their musical voyage, steeped in deep connection and creativity, was tragically cut short by Jay’s passing – an event that forever echoes in Chioke's rhythm and rhyme.

Chioke's sound is an alchemy of genres – a bold fusion of rock and R&B with a hint of the psychedelic, creating timeless tracks that defy conventional labels. Her voice, both angelic and raw, scratches an itch in the listener's soul – a satisfying echo of resilience and transformation. It's in this unique blend that Chioke turns life’s sour moments into audial gold, much like turning sour f

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Events featuring Chioke

Mar 15, 2024
11:05pm — 11:20pm
Presented by
CareFreeBlackGirl Cookout
Philadelphia, PA, United States
Indie Rock
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